How we started?

Our Qold adventure started with some unhappy (and busy) restaurant owners, complaining about their mandatory task of measuring and recording temperatures at least twice a day.

Due to European regulation, food chains have to monitor the temperature of their cold devices to fulfill all legal requirements and to ensure that no goods are wasted. However, the current approach of several businesses is to do this manually, as most automated solutions are expensive and require a big upfront investment.

What is our product?

At Whitesmith, we believe that technology should save us from boring and repetitive tasks and that’s why we decided to move on with a different solution to these problems - Qold. Our product is a simple, reliable and accessible cold-chain monitoring solution for small and medium businesses in the food and lodging industry. Qold is designed to be trivial to install, simple to use and with a minimal upfront investment.

How it works?

The installation process is quick and easy. The sensors are placed in the desired spot and they start measuring the temperatures. This data, collected by the sensors, is then transmitted to a small device connected to the Internet (Hub). Finally, with Hub switched on, your cold chain will be tracked and all the data will be available on the application’s web and mobile app.

Qold is much more than a simple wireless thermometer. Do you imagine how much money you lose every time your cold chain stop working? That’s why you need to be the first to know if a value goes out of limit and compromise your cold chain. Check the data that will be available on your dashboard and with a simple click you can even export it or create periodic reports. Qold adapts to different climates from -90ºC to 130ºC and the modular nature allows it to expand with other sensors like humidity, luminosity or smoke.

Soul-fi program

The Soul-fi program was looking for some startups or SME with promising ideas for improving urban life via innovative Future Internet solutions. We saw this program as good launch pad for our product, so in the first round, we had 10k € to develop the prototype, prove the concept and the opportunity to access to the second level of funding (up to 75k € - a co-funding rate of 75%). We worked hard to make this happen and right now we have 100k € to turn this idea into a pilot product. We are already working with different types of customers to validate our pilot till the end of the year. And we are working in some key partnerships too.

Exciting things are about to come up!

Are you curious about Qold? Do you want to try? Check out our website.

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