Interview - Buster Brenson talks about transparency

Interview - Buster Brenson talks about transparency

by Daniel F Lopes -

"Privacy is like this artefact from an age where we have anything tracked. A time where our data and lives, are hidden just by accident."


Recently I finally had the pleasure to talk with Buster Brenson, someone who has been inspiring me in the past months. This resulted in one of the most interesting interviews I have done. You seriously need to hear his thoughts on transparency, singularity, etc.

Buster works at Twitter, is known in the Quantified-Self community for the software tools he made to track several things about himself, and, in my opinion, is someone really interesting with a fresh view about several topics. Especially when it comes about transparency.

Timeline: [00m31s] What has been some of your past work?
[05m30s] Why, and when did you started quantifying yourself? What do you track?
[07m50s] Have you found any data correlation. Now on transparency:
[08m30s] How has making your personal info public changed you?
[11m30s] Aren’t there limits on privacy?
[12m40s] What about privacy on politics?
[13m05s] What do you think about the NSA case?
[15m20s] Public Self - making your core values and beliefs public
[19m40s] Why so many things you do are in someway related to ageing and death?
[22m10s] Do you believe in a singularity? How will it change the way we live?
[24m15s] What are the QS tools or companies with a promising future?

Some things we’ve talked about: Buster’s Public Self / Daniel’s Public Self Buster’s personal page with several quantified data Buster talk about the QS tools he built and why he tracks 750 Words, Habitlabs, 43thigs Basis gadget  

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