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Sustainable Mobility

Applying technical engineering to solve a commercial need with a blended team


Mobility startup in the market in 7 US cities which was feeling the pain of the limitations of the first iteration of their product reflected through poor app store reviews.


We collaborated to address the product deficiencies and engineer a solution to improve their service routing and pick up strategy.

A blended team of Whitesmith and the Client was created, as we took point on strategic product decisions and the lead on engineering, architecture, data roles to supplement their team, together building a consumer product to scale across the US.

Sustainable Mobility

We identified the metrics and leveraged data insights to unlock commercial viability to scale across the US, matching both product and company short and long term goals with a sustainable growth strategy.


App store rating improvement in the short term reflected the increased rider experience and satisfaction which in turn impacted attractiveness to partners and service commissioning customers.

Attainment of commercial goals strengthened the proposition and roll out to a broader client base of cities and riders.

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